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Thema: winrar-we want your themes vom 22.04.2005

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Dabei seit: 06.09.2002
Ort: Mainz
Alter: 37
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Verfasst Fr 22.04.2005 15:32

winrar-we want your themes

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Since WinRAR version 3.50 beta 1 it is possible to change the
look of WinRAR by installing interface themes. Theme files are
available at

In the last few days we have already received several cool looking themes from WinRAR fans.

Now we are looking for the best WinRAR themes out there.
win.rar GmbH and will award the three best looking themes (*) with great money prizes.

* The winner will receive USD 500.00,

* 2nd place USD 300.00

* and the 3rd best theme will be awarded USD 100.00.

All themes must be sent in by the release of WinRAR 3.50 final (English version) to be considered in the competition (**).
Please send your theme files to dev(at)

If you have further questions about the contest please contact sales(at)

We are looking forward to receiving your themes!

(*) Winners will be chosen by a jury made up from win.rar GmbH staff,
professionals in the shareware industry and of course the developers of

(**) Only send themes with icons that are not copyright protected unless the copyright owner has agreed to the use of his icons in this context. You may of course send in themes that are copyright protected by you.
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Verfasst Fr 22.04.2005 15:34

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